Welcome to t'Thera - the world of The Source


t'Thera is a world of incredible diversity, the home to many different groups across three continents.

The people of the world of t'Thera live normal lives, do their jobs and love their familes. But there are many levels of society, and many secrets spanning thousands of years of history.

Five thousands years ago, a comet threatened life across t'Thera. The Wizards and fully-realized Sorcercers of the age combined their power and saved the world. Yet in the process, they and the knowledge they carried was lost.

Five millennia later, there are no Wizards, and the Sorcerers are hardly capable of the skills of those who lived before the Falling of the Skies. Hope, however, remains based on the words of the Prophecy of The Source.

The Seeker will come, and if the prophecy is true, he will restore what was lost so long ago.


Seeker is the first book of The Source Chronicles. The world of t'Thera is far too rich to encompass there, so I have shared more of its depths here.

The Source Chronicles is a series of young adult/high fantasy novels featuring a unique world, diverse characters, sorcery, swordplay, personal and epic journeys, adventure and intrigue.

The Source Chronicles will one day be a total of 5 books. Book One is Seeker. Book Two is Finder. Harbinger is Book Three. Book Four is Guardians. The final novel, Book Five, is Healers.


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