Links to my other sites


I have created several other websites.

The Worlds of MJ Blehart

This is the website for the rest of my writing projects. After having a short stories published, I decided I needed this site. Its a lot more aspects of my writing than SourceChronicles, and contains content I am rather proud of.

The ramblings of a Titanium Don

My blog. I post every Monday on the subject of Positivity, and every Wednesday my personal philosophy, called Pathwalking.

The Vapor Rogues

My Steampunk story, a world I created initially for the short story by the same title in Spells and Swashbucklers. I have continued to expand the story in a series of novels that are a work in progress. Visit Amasheer, and experience a unique world like no other.


Seeker at Amazon.com

You can buy Seeker in print or for the Kindle.