This is where it all begins, the first novel in The Source Chronicles.

Five thousand years ago, a comet was on a collision course with t'Thera. To stop it from destroying life across the planet, all of the wizards and fully realized sorcerers and sorceresses combined their power to arrest its descent, destroying themselves in the process. With their passing, no wizards would rise again, and no sorcerer would ever claim the strength of those lost in The Falling of The Skies.

One mystery from before The Falling would spark wars, and inspire adventurers for five millennia – The Source. The Source is a prophesized relic of sorcerous energies, capable of changing the destiny of the entire world. And only one will be able to wield this power – The Seeker.

The Seeker does not know that he is an agent of Order, pre-destined to overcome the forces of Chaos. He faces adversities and challenges on numerous levels, and must discover who he is in order to recover from many mistakes if he is to achieve his destiny.

The forces of Chaos are on the march. The Seeker comes to realize that if they overcome the forces of Order, his quest will fail, and the world will never know peace again.

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